25 May 2017

Shouldn't email anxiety go away when you're unemployed?

This morning at around 11:00 am, I sent an email to a group of exactly 10 people. 10 people who I know well enough to know each has their email up literally all day. I knew these people would see my email within a matter of minutes, so I braced myself for the responses to come pouring in.

I checked my phone two minutes later and was surprised to find no response.

But that's okay, it's unrealistic to expect an email back within two minutes. Outrageous, in fact. Although this particular group is known for massive group emails piling on top of each other, making the email you're typing now outdated before you can send it because someone else wrote your joke faster.

I did my hair and checked my email again, nothing.

I walked a mile to my boyfriend's house where I had accidentally left my lunch. Checked my email again. Nothing.

It has now been 14 hours since I sent the email. I'm lying in bed awake, wondering. Did my email somehow end up in a spam filter? What on earth could I have done to offend and make these 10 people ignore me?! We were so close!

In reality I'm sure they are very busy, and who knows, I might get a response or two tomorrow. Or I might not. Which is fine. But it's not stopping my mind from racing a mile a minute every moment I get a chance to think.

Don't even get me started on the response rates of recruiters.

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