07 January 2017

Pancakes on the brain

Maybe it's taboo to admit this on the internet, but from the day I got a brand new MacBook Pro at work, my personal laptop (a 75 pound Dell from 2010) was put in a cupboard and not taken out until I'd quit my job and turned in the MacBook.

I'be been meaning to get my own MacBook for personal use since I graduated, but once I was given one for work the purchase took a backseat. Now that I'm back on the ol' (and I mean that literally as old) PC, I'm regretting not making a purchase while I was in a more stable financial situation. It stresses me out to consider expending such a big chunk of my savings, and essentially giving myself a month less security to continue my life in LA, for a new computer.

So, for now, ol' Dell and i are back together. But I've been working on other solutions for some tasks, since Dell isn't quite as spry and fast as she once was. One idea I had was to get a keyboard for my iPad for writing. So I found one well-rated for $13 on EBay and ordered it.

The case arrived today, and I excitedly set it up immediately. It has a fun red cover and good strong magnets that hold the iPad in place and allow it to stand.

The only issue is I have an iPad mini - which is fairly small. Thus the keyboard that attaches to it is also small, and thus the keys had to be rearranged to fit. It's taken some getting used to.

So I decided to spend some time tonight doing just that - getting used to it. I started by opening a new note on the iPad and starting a list of things I want to write about. Here's the list as it came into my mind:

-Busty Girl Probs (I'be seen a hundred articles and memes about this, but I feel uniquely qualified to add my own perspective as I haven't seen anyone truly nail it, from my perspective)
-Start a book (not really something to write about, but I was having trouble coming up with ideas and I hear that just the act of writing something down is good for brainstorming)

No, I didn't have the idea to write about pancakes.

I have this weird thing (not really for as long as I can remember, but I cant really remember when it started... probably sometime in college??) where whenever I am trying to think of something, all I can think is pancake.

This comes in handy when I am trying to think, for example, what I want to eat.

Pancake! Done! Easy!

Or, perhaps, when playing Scattergories and the letter is P with a category "breakfast foods".

But, when playing Scattergories, it's not so helpful if the letter is not P.

If I cant remember someone's name, or a date, or if there's a word I can't seem to place, one of the first words that comes to mind as I start blanking is, 100% of the time, pancake.

If I'm doing a word search, or even a crossword puzzle (did anyone else have trouble mixing those up when they were a kid?) the moment I'm a little stumped, there it is... pancake.

It's a weird coping mechanism my brain has come up with. What is my brain coping with? Feeling stumped? It seems to be playing a numbers game... with how often Jeanette gets stumped, guessing pancake it must be right at least some of the time.

And I guess I do like pancakes enough that, yeah, it's probaby the safest word to pick.

And now, here I sit, much more practiced in the ways of this new keyboard. Mission accomplished! I hope you've enjoyed this tale about brains and pancakes, and please excuse the typos, It's a new tiny keyboard, okay.


Kathryn said...

I thought it was pizza you think about. Now I feel lied to.

Bob said...

Now I want a pancake.