05 April 2016

Just roll with it.

Do you ever have a moment where the most random memory hits you at a completely unexpected time?

I was just reading an email, and the senior producer I’m assisting said that we’ll “just have to roll with it”. Instantly I was transported back ten or fifteen years to playing charades in my grandma’s basement. One of my younger cousins got up, read his clue, and immediately dropped to the floor and curled into a ball. 

Everyone was yelling their guesses - “dead!” “fetal position!” “compact!”

He just kept sitting there. People were begging him to give more clues, try a different tactic. But there he sat.

Eventually the timer went off and he stood up. “WHAT WAS THE ANSWER?!” we all implored. He was so exasperated when he told us - his clue was “roll”.

Rather than rolling around on the floor, or miming rolling out dough, or any of the other options, he chose to pretend to be a roll, a small piece of bread, and was shocked, shocked that none of the fools could figure out such a simple word.

He came up with his strategy, and I guess you could say he “just rolled with it”.

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