28 January 2016

Jeanette Travels, #1

In the past three weeks, I’ve had the chance to go on my first two location shoots – where I was the lead producer, where I got to travel. This has been great for my Skymiles account, but is also an exciting indicator that my career is moving forward… and I’m never going to complain about traveling on someone else’s dime!

Today I am flying back from upstate New York after a shoot for an Intuit QuickBooks campaign I’ve spent the last year working on. It was definitely gratifying to finally have a chance to lead a shoot in person after doing a lot of heavy (monotonous) lifting from back at the office while our third party production team darted all around the country. This shoot ended up being more complex so I was able to go along to make sure everything ran smoothly.

We were pretty nervous about our flight to New York getting cancelled… we were flying from LA on Saturday, aka “Snowmageddon”. We heard that New York was supposed to get hit the hardest… and then we heard about the thousands of flight cancellations. All day Friday we were constantly checking the weather in Albany, and our flights to Detroit then Albany. By some miracle, our flights were on time, and Albany was just 20 minutes north of the storm – we didn’t see a single flurry!

I was prepared for my return flight to be just as uneventful. No storms on the horizon, plenty of time in Detroit to make our connection. And at first, it was! We got through security and to our gate about 20 minutes before boarding started. The flight was on time and uneventful. Although our gate at DTW was pretty far from where we landed, we were able to get to the gate again about 10 minutes before boarding started.

Knowing I had a little time to spare, I decided to duck into the restroom so I wouldn’t have to on the plane. I separated from my coworker and walked into the bathroom. There were two other guys in there, one drying his hands, the other washing his hands. I saw an open stall – it was the handicapped stall, and I was trying to decide if I should take that one or look further down when…


There were two guys in the bathroom.

One washing his hands. The other drying his hands.

I immediately turned around and started walking as fast as I could, dragging my suitcase behind me and hoping they hadn’t seen. This was so embarrassing I couldn’t help smiling. I saw the guy drying his hands (who I’d passed coming in) staring and then he started to laugh. “Glad you figured it out.”

Trying to be cool I laughed too. “Something wasn’t quite right…”

I’m kind of notorious for inadvertently walking into the men’s bathroom, but I’ve never made it this far in before, and I’ve certainly never gotten to the point where I’ve seen actual dudes in the bathroom without realizing that I was in the wrong place.

I like to think that I’m just ultra-progressive/feminist. I can pee anywhere.

(if you're interested in seeing the campaign I've been working on for over a year, you can check out the OWN IT. Every Day playlists here! And look for the spots referenced in this post, going live on Superbowl Sunday. :)

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